pubg mobile review

PUBG Mobile Review

Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a high end free mobile game application in PUBG Corporation, a division of South Korean gambling giant Bluehole. It has been in the market for a while today and is steadily gaining more popularity from the Android Market. This is due to a number of reasons including its exceptional visuals and consumer interface, engaging gameplay and award-winning personalization choices. In this PUBG Mobile Review we have a better look at this Free iPhone App.

The narrative of Players Unknown revolves around the dream battle arena fighting game. In the game it is possible to select various heroes like Corrinne and Azura and construct their skills by obtaining weapons, mastering combos and filling the stadium with spirits. Your purpose is to destroy all the enemy soldiers and eliminate the best boss’Gnarak’. The entire game is played on the touch screen and looks fantastic on both iPad along iPhone.

There are several aspects that make this PUBG Mobile Review worth your time. First of all, this mobile game has all the qualities which make for a great mobile gameplay experience. There are no intrusive pop-ups or annoying advertisements. Everything is completely smooth and there are no pop-ups that destroy the gameplay experience.

Secondly, the images and visual effects are top notch. The game play is fluid and there are dozens and dozens of custom animations to be on the watch for. The music and sounds are also topnotch. You may select from a wide variety of themes for your game play. They’re beautifully illustrated with superb details. The game play is very dynamic also, so you never feel dull or boring.

Another characteristic that the sport has that makes it very special is the battle system. You’re supposed to experience different levels one by one. When you finally finish each level you’ll be given the certification that can allow you to proceed to another level. The challenge process is excellent as it makes playing the game more engaging and interesting.

There are two ways to play PUBG Mobile. One is the Story Mode, in which you begin with the fundamentals and work your way up to harder levels. Another is the Endless Game mode in which you have to complete every level to unlock the achievements and proceed up to the next level. The game styles are different for every match.

This newest edition of PUBG cellular games has also introduced four new heroes to the game. There are 3 new operators: Operator S, Professional S and Ace Pilot Z. Each of them has their very own weaponry, which is different from each other. Operators have quicker reload times and deal more damage than the others but they are not nearly as well rounded as others. Ace Pilots are all over the map, dealing more damage and having quicker recharge times compared to the other two, so that they are definitely the most popular of the group.

In summary, we cannot call PUBG Mobile a ground breaking mobile game, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. It presents new concepts and ideas, which are being utilized in some of the upcoming mobile games. It’s surely an improvement over any prior versions of PUBG mobile games. And considering the price tag, it is something that anyone can appreciate.

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